Why Service your Locks keys and doors

When do you need a Locksmith:

As a Locksmith in Medway I ask you to think about the condition of the lock that you have fitted to the front door of your house, and what you expect from it!  My guess is that other than now you’ve probably given it very little thought at all, in fact I bet you almost take it totally for granted! Yet as well as keeping you safe it is also protecting your personal space and possessions from uninvited visitors who would happily relieve you of all or most of your beloved treasures at the blink of an eye, and even though you and your family between you close, lock and unlock your door 10, 15, 20 or maybe 30 times a day every day, day in day out, month after month, year after year, through driving winds, freezing rain, snow, as well as the heat of the summer months do you ever consider asking your local locksmith to service your lock or door for you?.

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Key Replacement:

Over the years your children grow up, keys wear out or maybe get lost and replaced while still taking your faithful old lock for granted. You become used to jiggling the key up and down and around a bit in the lock to get it to open, plus you’ve probably become used to the lock being quite stiff to turn, but leading such a busy life you hardly stop to consider why that might be or the consequences, until one evening and always inconveniently while standing in the winter rain with all your shopping after arriving home you put the key in the lock as normal and while giving it the usual little jiggle “SNAP” the key brakes off in the lock!!! Now your going to have to call an out of hours Locksmith to get you back into your home again and maybe replace your lock altogether!!

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Worn keys:

Modern locks and cylinders are mechanical pieces of precision engineering and every time you slide the key in and out of your lock your key begins to wear. Usually a key is of a softer material than the lock pins that the key runs across, therefore the key wears at a faster rate than the lock. Over time very fine metal dust begins to collect in the lock’s cylinder clogging up the tolerance area between the pins and the bores, eventually impairing the free movement of the pins, while the teeth of your key become shorter, eventually becoming too short to depress the pins making the key more difficult to turn increasing the risk of the key snapping off in the cylinder. Again making it necessary to call a locksmith out.

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Door Adjustment and servicing:

As well as all of the moving components of your lock and the wear and tear on your keys. Over several years of use with the opening and closing the moving components of the door itself wear and the door tends to drop out of line. Once again most people don’t realise just how heavy a modern UPVC door is and where all that weight is focused. “The Hinges”. Most of these modern door hinges have nylon or hard rubber type bearings that once again get forgotten and therefore never get serviced lubricated or replaced rendering the door almost useless. Not only does it become very difficult to lock and unlock because the bolt and the catch of the lock no longer line up with the keep on the frame and the door itself becomes very difficult to open and close especially for an elderly or disabled person. When the hinges become badly worn the door begins to fail on the threshold while leaving a large gap at the top of the door allowing drafts because the seal around the door has been impaired and no longer give a proper seal around the frame.

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Is to call an established professional and experienced local locksmith like Loyal-locksmiths in Medway who would be able to survey the complete functionality of your door and identify any worn lock and door components and replace and service as required to return your door back to it original functionality and security. But a regular door service every two years will keep your door and locks working smoothly and trouble free.