What Can a Locksmith Do?  Locksmith in Medway explains

cropped-cropped-Untitled-1-1.gifThe art of locksmithing:   Some of the services locksmiths provide include carrying out non-destructive entries to residential, industrial, and light commercial premises when keys are lost, jammed or just not available for one reason or another.

Whether it be opening a lock to help someone gain access to either their house or business premises, updating or replacing worn out locks, or maybe key cutting when extra keys are needed, all these functions are part of a locksmiths every day work.  Getting into the locksmithing profession requires years of practice and training to gain the expertise to be able to pick or drill open all types of locks, without doing any damage to the door or frame and to be able to secure the property by matching and fitting a replacement lock, which necessitates a locksmith carrying wide ranging, varied and expensive stock at all times.  Locks and keys have become more and more advanced over the years so it has become even more relevant for a locksmith today to have the proper training and skill to provide a modern day locksmithing service in Medway and surrounding areas.

What can a locksmith do?

A professional locksmith would usually have the necessary skills for programming electronic locks used in some buildings as well as the more common mechanical type of lock fitted to most residential properties.

  • New home lock change:  A lock change is imperative to maintain security when moving into a new home as you will never know who over the years might have been given a copy of the existing keys.  It is beneficial to be able to tell your insurers that a professional locksmith has been commissioned and new locks have been fitted to your house on the day of moving in.  When it comes to your home security it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.
  • General lock change:  Most things over long periods of time wear out and locks are no exception.  Locks wear out due to the wear and tear over many years of opening and closing and in some cases that can be many times a day, every day, for sometimes 10, 20 or even 30 years or more … hence providing the need to service or to replace them at some point. Therefore whether you wish to fit a brand-new lock with like-for-like or maybe upgrade to an updated modern security lock to provide yourself and your family with peace of mind with the knowledge of your increased security, not only can we provide brand-new and improved locking systems, but also greater security by fitting extra locks, not only to your doors but to your windows in addition to the standard locking handles, for even more added protection and security.

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  • Repairs and lock changes: If changing your lock for what ever reason isn’t convenient for you at the time you need it, we may be able to fix the existing lock for you.  If you prefer us to try servicing your existing lock before instructing a lock change, our inspection can identify whether we can service to restore functionality or even fit some new components such as new levers along with new keys.  We would always advise first whether this option would be more cost effective than a compete replacement.
  • Locked out: If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of locking yourself out of your house; it is then that a locksmith can come into his own and prove to be extremely helpful.  A skilfully trained locksmith is capable of picking, drilling or breaking the lock on your door without damaging the door or frame and then will be able fit a replacement lock for you.
  • Providing updated information: Any qualified and skilled locksmith will not shy away from explaining the options available to you for your home security. They will be happy to explain what kind of lock you should be using on your doors and windows. Should you have any queries or doubts about your home security, do not hesitate to ask Loyal-locksmiths for suggestions.

In conclusion, this profession has expanded its scope to include such things as door hinges, electric strikes, window locks and door hardware. Being a locksmith means a lot more today than it ever has before.

Always use a qualified and reputable locksmith to do the job. If you live in Medway and require any locksmithing services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re a family run local locksmith in Medway established since 1998 and you can call me on my mobile: 07986 464970 or alternatively email me using the contact form.