How to find a good locksmith

How to find a good locksmith

What attributes would you look for if you find yourself needing a locksmith, either in an emergency or for maintenance or repairs? Would you consider their credentials or would you panic and pick the first one in the list that popped up on your search page or in your phone directory? It is always more difficult to think clearly when we are suddenly presented with a situation we are not expecting such as you have locked yourself out by mistake because you’ve just pulled the door to and heard the latch click but you’ve left the keys dangling in the lock on the inside and you’ve left the hob on, or you have had a break in and are worried about the perpetrators returning, or you can’t leave for work because you cannot get your car out of the garage because your key has broken in the lock. You could find yourself in an awful moment when you realize your keys are no longer in your pocket or handbag and you spend ages retracing your movements without any joy and know that you are now locked out of your home and you have no idea where your keys are or who may have them.

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At Loyal locksmiths we know how inconvenient and stressful this can be, as it never happens at a good or convenient time does it? But here in Medway, Loyal locksmiths’ aim is to provide you with a great service by getting you back in and replacing your house keys and locks efficiently, and as stress-free as possible and to give you back you security of mind. If you need maintenance or repairs we will offer professional advice and make recommendations for your best solutions. We will not cause unnecessary damage to your property, unlike some other companies who take the quickest route and sometimes cost you more money because they do more damage and replace more parts. (1)

Here in Gillingham, Loyal locksmiths are an established locksmiths company who have built up a vast knowledge base and oodles of experience in the locksmithing trade in and around the Medway Towns since 1998. We know phoning around can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know anything about locks and don’t know what questions are important to ask before you agree to any works being done. If you don’t already know of a good locksmith who comes recommended how can you tell if the locksmiths you are calling are trustworthy, reputable companies to rely on to secure your home? How do you know which ones are professional and dependable and not just scraping by at doing work they are not really trained to do to the best of locksmithing practices? Following are some of our ideas to help you source a genuine, skilled, professional locksmith from the list of those that claim to be but are no more than semi or unskilled traders who cannot always do the job without causing more damage and anguish.

We would advise you consider reputation, cost effectiveness, professionalism and knowledge, whether you feel you have been given sound advice, before agreeing to proceed with any quote. Let’s look at these in more detail.

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A locksmiths reputation is usually built up over many years, their longevity speaks for itself and is a great way of filtering out the good from the bad. Endorsements and recommendations are another way to determine the integrity of any professional locksmith in Rainham, Gillingham, or Medway areas. Personally I think recommendations are one of the most valuable ways to measure a company’s reputation along with internet customer reviews from Google and bing, as well as other business listings. As your local Medway locksmiths a high level of our customers come via recommendations and word of mouth, or indeed returning customers. Over the years loyal locksmiths have built up a solid reputation all around the Chatham and Walderslade areas too, as well as the rest of Medway and surrounding towns.

It is always more cost effective to use your local Locksmith rather than national Locksmith companies who are more unlikely to give the same level of quality and care. As I have said in other blogs national companies usually use subcontractors without always ensuring the work is completed to a high standard, or even knowing anything about the locksmith or locksmiths they are engaging. They pay them a fixed price so often the trader is keen to do the quickest job possible which could mean drilling out locks rather than picking them or damaging woodwork that might not have been damaged by a more skilled locksmith, or one that had more time and customer care who has explained all your options and has decided the best fix with you.

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Most professional Locksmiths carry the knowledge and expertise of a lot more than just getting you back into your home after locking yourself out. Loyal locksmiths will by request assess the security of your business or home, giving you the peace of mind that all your existing locks are in good working order and doing the job that they have been installed to do. At your request Loyal locksmiths can recommend any improvements to help make your property secure from any unwanted guests giving you the peace of mind to go away with the knowledge that all will be just as you left it when you return. Loyal locksmiths will not cause any unnecessary damage and will always give recommended action plans before commencing any work so you know exactly what is happening. You will be asked to respect the locksmiths code of confidentiality when it comes to security and a professional locksmith should never pick or open any locks by any other methods while you are watching. This is another sign they are professional and careful about how much knowledge they pass on to the Public. Those who use levers or drills a lot in front of you are not always your best option.

Do you feel like you have received the best advice? One of the things that Loyal locksmiths always advise is to check out your local locksmiths long before you ever need them. A Professional locksmith company that have been around for many years will have a familiar ring to their name and after a little research you should be able to tap their name and number 07986 464970 into your phone with confidence rather than phoning the first locksmith you come across in an unfortunate emergency situation. A professional, reputable company like loyal locksmiths will help you keep you and your home stay safe from those unwanted guests and only carry out your instructions after a full explanation of the evaluation of your situation.