Why Service your Locks keys and doors

When do you need a Locksmith: As a Locksmith in Medway I ask you to think about the condition of the lock that you have fitted to the front door of your house, and what you expect from it!  My guess is that other than now you’ve probably given it very little thought at all,[…]

National locksmith call centres

National locksmith call centres As a family run locksmiths working in the Medway and Maidstone area of Kent since 1998, I have over the last 7 years or so, seen a growing number of locksmiths advertised in the Medway Towns listing local phone numbers and fake post codes that are in-fact national franchises or multi-utility[…]

Don’t be a Target of Burglary, Tips to be Safe

I’m more than just a residential and commercial locksmith in Medway. Part of my job involves providing information and advice to home owners about staying safe. A few years ago, I was working as a locksmith in Gillingham and was assisting in securing a property which made me think about home security procedures. Don’t make yourself[…]

4 Reasons to Change the Lock on your New Home

According to a recent survey, fifty percent of people do not change the locks to their new homes. About half of people relocating to new homes prefer to leave the security arrangements in the house the way they are. As a locksmith in Medway it concerns me people are dangerously complacent with their home security. There[…]